Biodigital Human

This website is great for studying the human body in 3D. Select the male or female body to get started. This site works best in Google Chrome. Biodigital Human shows the various systems of the body. The tool allows you to turn the systems of the body on or off. Select a body part to see how it is pronounced or click on the conditions tab to see which illness affect that part of the body. Dissect the body in transparency or isolation modes. This is a website that you will want to share with your students.


Edheads is a great website for exploring the medical field. Their great interactives will assist students in deciding whether they want to become medical professional. There are several interactives to choose from such as Deep Brain Stimulation, Virtual Hip Replacement Surgery, Stem Cell Transplants and Sickle Cell DNA. The interactives all have built in assessment questions. This is a great way to spark student interest in the medical science field.

Sixty Symbols

Sixty Symbols is a guide to many mathematical and scientific symbols. Select a symbol and learn about it through video. This is a great study tool for teachers, students and parents.


Ology is a website sponsored by the American Museum of Natural History, geared toward helping students learn about the many field of science. Search the list of ology’s, from Anthropology to Zoology. This site is special because it leads to students to explore their various learning styles. Students can choose a variety of ways to learn about the ology. On the IWB: Project the website on the board and have students decided which ones they would like to complete. Give each of the activities points based on rigor. Use the annotation tools to do this.