Interactive Learning Platform

NearPod is a free service/app that allows you to create interactive lessons and then share them across iPads in your classroom. Teachers create interactive presentations and then share them with the class. Here's how it works. The teacher uses the Content Tool to create multimedia presentations and then share the content with the students. The Teacher app allows the teacher to control the activity also. Students receive content and assessments on their device and then can submit answers and responses. The teacher can use the Reporting tool to monitor what the students are doing and collect their responses, assess their learning and gather data. The multimedia presentations start with a PDF file and then quizzes, polls, videos, activities and more can be added.


Padlet is a word wall that teachers and students can use to describe, define, explain, receive feedback/reflection or analyze any topic. Add text, images, links, video, or documents to your Padlet. It’s easy to create. Use you Google account to easily sign-in. 1. Select Login, then select login with Google. 2. Select Grant Access; you will be taken back to the padlet home page. 3. Click on Build a Wall 4. Click Modify Wall; Choose a Title, Description and Image Icon 5. Change the Wallpaper Ex. Math: Words Problems, Formulas, math facts, etc. History: Bios, Q & A, Current Events, Science: Formulas, Experiments, How, Why, What Language Arts: Vocabulary, Book Review, write poems, arguments/debates School: Share Ideas, Collaborate, etc. 6. To add a post, double-click on the screen. 7. Type in your message. 8. At the bottom of your post you will see a link and arrow. Select the arrow to upload files, the link to add websites or videos

Interactive Worksheets

TeacherMade makes creating digital worksheets super easy. Worksheets can be created with audio, video, and hyperlinks. Assess students with by embedding short answers, multiple choice, true/false, and matching questions. Share these worksheets via Google classroom, Microsoft Teams, Schoology, and more.

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This website contains a variety of math subject areas from problem solving to probability and data analysis. Many of them come with interactives, videos and printable pages. Each Study Jam has key vocabulary and assessments built-in. Scroll through the topics and view the subtopics below to begin the interactive. On the IWB: Project the Study Jam on the board. Use the annotation tools in your IWB program to write, draw or key in the answers to the questions. This is a fun activity for all students.