English Language Arts

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Open library is a great way to find free book online. This website has over 20 million of books to share. Search by subject area or author or even upload your own books. This site has many of the classic novels taught by teachers today. There is also an e-lending library accessible to view books. Once a book is selected the book you may read it online or play the audio version. You can also share a link the book or embed it online. There’s also a great feature that allows you to search the text of the book. On the IWB: Open the book and play it on the screen. Use your annotate tools


Lit Charts are a great way to read a book on an interactive whiteboard or mobile device. The website boasts American literary favorites like Beowulf, The Giver, 1984 and the Animal Farm. The books are available in PDF form or you can read them online. Download the books to your iPhone, iPad or Android via an app. Lit charts give the books Background info, Plot summary, Characters, Themes, Symbols and Quote.

American Literature.com

This site features short stories by our favorite authors. It has a catalogue of classic stories. Children’s library contains illustrated stories from various authors. If you’re looking for Aesop’s Fables, this is a great site to use. This site will work well on your interactive whiteboard, tablet, smart phone, and all mobile devices.


www.readworks.org Read Works is a great site for language arts teachers. Each skill and strategy comes with a full lesson plan aligned to the common core standards. Each lesson plan contains a unit with one or more lessons. Lessons contain the book and lesson plan, student vocabulary builder, teacher and student materials and assessments. This site also has over 1,000 nonfiction passages. Search by keyword to access passages and questions set s in any subject area. This site is great math, science and social studies teachers. It’s free to register and download materials. Tia’s Tip: Don’t focus on grade level. Focus on your student’s needs. Most teachers have students, who read a various different levels, remember you know your students well.

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