Math Live

Bring Math alive with this website. Student will enjoy the cartoon-like videos. Students will enjoy the live show as they learn about numbers, patterns and relations, shape and space and statistics and probability. Each lesson contains an activity sheet, parent notes, teacher notes and an assessment. The activity sheets can be printed or sent to a mobile device. On the IWB: Project the websites and show the student the video. Download the activity sheet and import into your Interactive whiteboard for easy manipulation.

This site boasts many interactives for the interactive whiteboard. The site has hundreds of activities and lessons for K-12 grades, along with links to many online resources. Search the activities by grade level for access to the interactive whiteboard activities. Be sure to utilize the floating keyboards to input information easily into these interactives. The lessons area contains a variety of lessons covering algebra, geometry, measurement and data. The Web links are also separated by topic for easy searching.

Math Video Tutoring

Looking for a great video to meet your student learning needs, browse the Khan Academy website to find great videos on any subject area. Create classes and have your students master various math skills. This is a great site to help students with a variety of different needs. Students can learn at their own pace and the feedback helps you understand the needs of your students better. Login with your Google account for quick access.